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BUPA Region 1

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 1:
(PennDOT District 6-0)

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Gordon Beck
Region 1 LEL
35 Diamond Dr.
Newtown , Pa 18940
Phone: (215) 860-3007
Cell: (215) 219-8575

BUPA Region 2

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 2:
(PennDOT District 8-0)

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Jeff Bowman
Region 2 LEL
405 West Norwegian St
Pottsville, Pa 17901
Phone: (570) 628-2414
Cell: (570) 656-6258

BUPA Region 3

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 3:
Berks-Carbon-Lehigh-Monroe-Northampton-Schuylkill (PennDOT District 5-0)

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Robin Rivera
Region 3 LEL
3987 Lehigh Drive
Northampton, Pa 18067
Cell: (610) 248-5437

BUPA Region 4

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 4:
(PennDOT District 3-0)

Lackawanna-Luzerne-Pike-Susquehanna-Wayne-Wyoming (PennDOT District 4-0)

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John Morgan
Region 4 LEL
405 West Norwegian St
Pottsville, Pa 17901
Phone: (570) 628-2414
Cell: (570) 449-7023

BUPA Region 5

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 5:
(PennDOT District 1-0)

(PennDOT District 2-0)

(PennDOT District 9-0)

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Phil Hoh
Region 5 LEL
643 Center Street
Saint Mary’s, Pa 15857
Cell: 814-594-5466
Fax: 570-628-2419

BUPA Region 6

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 6:
(PennDOT District 10-0)

Allegheny-Beaver- Lawrence
(PennDOT District 11-0)

(PennDOT District 12-0)

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Jim Marsh
Region 6 LEL
295 Millers Run Rd.
Bridgeville, Pa 15017
Phone: 412-221-0244
Cell: 412-334-2107

October 16th - 27th

October 16th - 27th
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2017 Teen Mobilization

Saucon Valley HS info site.JPG OUR CURRENT FOCUS
2017 Teen Mobilization

“Our Current Focus”

Teen Education and Enforcement Mobilization is scheduled for
October 16 – October 27, 2017

Over 106 law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania have agreed to participate in the 12-day Teen Seat Belt Mobilization scheduled from October 16 – October 27, 2017. This Teen Mobilization will coincide with the National Teen Driver Safety Week. The goal of this Teen Mobilization is very specific; to increase belt use among drivers and passengers under the age of 18 and ultimately save young lives. The focus will primarily be on youth drivers, (under the age of 18) on school campuses, targeted youth events, and on roadways around their high schools. The goal of the mobilization is to reach over 100 secondary schools and contact 25,000 students.

This is primarily an enforcement mobilization. Law enforcement agencies will be issuing seat belt citations when identified. Drivers and passengers under the age of 18, not wearing safety belts is a primary offense. The vehicle can be detained solely for that violation. The cost for conviction is a minimum of $60.00 for teens.

All participating LEAs will complete Seat Belt Informational Sites, on or around the high school campus, work with the school and local media to generate earned media and public awareness, complete school presentations and then initiate teen seat belt enforcement.

Law enforcement officers will work with their schools to complete in-class “Survival 101” and “Sixteen Minutes “programs. “Survival 101” is a dynamic 35-to 45-minute multimedia presentation geared toward middle and high school students. In addition to occupant protection it covers unsafe driving practices, crash dynamics, consequences and preventive safety measures. Each session is led by a police officer with first-hand experience, and includes topics like distracted driving with an emphasis on cell phones and texting, as well as aggressive driving and fatigue.

“Sixteen Minutes” is a targeted 16-minute program for students approaching their 16th
birthday. Held in monthly small group sessions, the program gives students a chance to talk personally with a trained law enforcement officer before getting behind the wheel for the first time.

BUPA understands providing students with strong comprehensive traffic safety education could mean the difference between life and death. Traffic crashes continue to remain the leading cause of death for Pennsylvania’s young people and two thirds of those killed each year still remain unbelted. The Teen Seat Belt Mobilization provides one more opportunity to save more young lives or reduce serious injuries.

Teen Crashes by the numbers:

• From 2012 to 2016, there were 87,433 crashes involving at least one 16 to 19-year old driver in Pennsylvania, resulting in 592 fatalities.

• 71.3 percent of those crashes involved the teen driver driving too fast for conditions 32,466 crashes.

• Driver inexperience 9,959

• Driver distraction 14,621

• Improper/careless turning 13,255

• There was a total of 62,413 crashes with one or more of these teen driver factors.

• In Pennsylvania in 2016, there were 46 teen drivers 16 to 19 years old who were killed in crashes.

• Of those teen drivers, 25 of them did not have their seat belt on.

• 129,4907 crashes occurred in Pennsylvania in 2016 resulting in 1,188 fatalities.
o 410 unbelted occupant fatalities
o 258 belted occupant fatalities
o 113 seat belt use unknown
o 403 non-occupant fatalities (motorcycle, pedestrian, etc.)

• Seat belts were not worn by over 50% percent of people killed in occupant-related traffic crashes. The percentage rises significantly at night.

• Pennsylvania’s seat belt usage rate was 85 percent in 2016 and the Teen usage rate is believed to be lower.

Teen Mobilization Earned Media

PSA Recording Teen Mobilization Earned Media

2017 Teen Mobilization Earned Media and other information.

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Enforcement Resources

important 6 Enforcement Resources

Police department forms, equipment information, etc.

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Educational Programs

Buckle Up Pennsylvania offers three innovative traffic safety Educational Programs [ for K-12 students. If you are interested in being trained as a presenter, please contact Mark Alonge.

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