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LEL Region 1

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 1:
(PennDOT District 6-0)

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  • Gordon Beck
    Region 1 LEL
    35 Diamond Dr.
    Newtown, Pa 18940
    Phone: (215) 860-3007
    Cell: (215) 219-8575

LEL Region 3

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 3:
Berks-Carbon-Lehigh-Monroe-Northampton-Schuylkill (PennDOT District 5-0)

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  • Joe O'Donnell
    Phone: 570-628-2414
  • Robin Rivera, Region 3 LEL
    3987 Lehigh Drive
    Northampton, Pa 18067
    Cell: 610-248-5437
  • Tracy Fox, CTSP
    3124 Sussex Drive
    Tobyhanna, Pa 18466
    Cell: 570-954-8310

LEL Region 2

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 2:
(PennDOT District 8-0)

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LEL Region 5

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 5:
(PennDOT District 1-0)
(PennDOT District 2-0)
(PennDOT District 9-0)

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  • Dave Toohey
    AD Coordinator
    470 Jacksonville Road
    Bellefonte, Pa 16823
    Phone: 814-355-7598
    Cell: 814-777-0746
    Fax: 570-628-2419
  • Phil Hoh
    Region 5 LEL
    643 Center Street
    Saint Mary’s, Pa 15857
    Cell: 814-594-5466
    Fax: 570-628-2419

LEL Region 6

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 6:
(PennDOT District 10-0)

Allegheny-Beaver- Lawrence
(PennDOT District 11-0)

(PennDOT District 12-0)

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LEL Region 4:

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 4:
(PennDOT District 3-0)

Lackawanna-Luzerne-Pike-Susquehanna-Wayne-Wyoming (PennDOT District 4-0)

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  • John Morgan
    Region 4 LEL
    405 West Norwegian St
    Pottsville, Pa 17901
    Phone: (570) 628-2416
    Cell: (570) 449-7023
  • Chris Smith
    Asst AD Coordinator
    Phone: 570 433-0820
    Fax: 570 433-0340
  • Rebecca Rybak
    Asst AD Coordinator
    Phone: 570-829-3489
    Fax: 570-433-0340
  • Tara Schane
    405 West Norwegian St
    Pottsville, Pa 17901
    Phone: 570-628-2414
    Fax: 570-628-2419
  • Christina Sullivan
    CTSP Coordinator
    200 Adams Avenue
    Scranton , Pa 18503-1607
    Phone: 570-963-6743 x1873
    Fax: 570.963.6364

Our Current Focus
Aggressive Driving Wave 2 March 20 to April 30, 2017

Main Pic Wave 2 Our Current Focus
Aggressive Driving Wave 2 March 20 to April 30 201


The first of the 2016-17 Aggressive Driving Waves was completed October 24th thru November 20,2016. Two hundred five (205) Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies participated, in addition to PSP from 15 Troops. Municipal Agencies recorded 9,258 enforcement contacts and 8,635 citations/arrests during the 4-week Wave. There were 5,576 speeding related citations written; representing 64.6% of all citations. Four (4) separate speed violations included in the speeding group are: Maximum Speed Limits, Driving Vehicle at Safe Speed, Racing on Highways and Special Speed Limitations. Obedience to Traffic Control Devices was second highest with 645 citations and then Traffic Control Signals/Signs with 495 citations. A total of 127 arrests were also made during the Wave. These arrests were a direct result of the officer’s initial traffic contact. There were 5 Felony, 33 DUI (Alcohol Only), DUID 7 (Drugs Only), 5 DUI/DUID and 77 Other Arrests reported.

The second Aggressive Driving Wave is scheduled for March 20 to April 30, 2017. There are 206 municipal police agencies and the Pennsylvania State Police scheduled to participate to reduce the number of aggressive driving related crashes, injuries and deaths on Commonwealth roadways.

The focus for this 6-week enforcement Wave is speeding, work zone safety, distracted driving and keeping right-passing left. Motorists exhibiting other unsafe behaviors such as driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, or other aggressive actions will also be cited. Wave 2 coincides with National Distracted Driving Month (April) and National Work Zone Awareness Week (April 3rd-7th).

Participating agencies will use Traffic Enforcement Zones, saturation patrols, speed enforcement details, corridor enforcement, work zone enforcement and multi-jurisdictional patrol strategies to identify and cite aggressive drivers.

The PA Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project appreciates the commitment to traffic safety from the participating law enforcement agencies. Your efforts contribute to the reduction of crashes, injuries and deaths on Pennsylvania roadways.

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PAADEEP Main Office

  • Bob Schaeffer
    Aggressive Driving Project Coordinator
    Phone: 570-628-2414
  • Edward Boothman
    Statewide Law Enforcement Liaison Coordinator
    5 Shane Dr.
    Stowe , Pa 19464
    Phone: 610-327-3343
  • Christine Darosh
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 570-628-2417

Crash Records Reporting

Two or more factors must be listed for a crash to be considered aggressive driving. For more information please visit crash records.

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